hey guys,

Lately I have been sooo busy looking for jobs (boring, yeah i get it)….but two things I have always come across is that youngsters need “experience” or they have to be 18 or over…SERIOUSLY how?!

How can someone get experience when they have JUST come out of education and not giving the opportunity to gain experience and why do you have to be 18 to stock objects on shelves. This is really annoying me now and have no idea what to do.

I am starting to get fed up of Newport and the jobs available recently, I mean McDonalds and KFC are even time wasters you apply and NEVER hear back or they just don’t give you the job just because you got one answer on a question wrong when you only needed 18 out of 20…..ARRGGHH starting to tear my hair out.

That’s my rant over

Going offline now……see you sooonnnn xxx

So upset

Really upset tonight and dont know why all I do is sit here and just cry my eyes out im forced to sleep on the floor as my boyfriend keeps pushing me off the bed so gave in trying to get warm im freezing cold and feel like im not wanted 😥

love jade x

This is what a person with depression looks like!!!


This is what a person who suffers from a mental health looks like.
Are they different? No
Do they look different? No
Do they look sad? No
Do they look normal? Yes
Yes we look the same and normal but we are fighting a mental illness that affects our BRAIN you cant see the brain so why should you think you can see a mental illness yes you can see the scars and cuts but does that make us any different no it doesnt so STOP judging people because they have a mental illness

love jade x

Late night thought that every person with mental health may have

Have you ever just led or sat in bed trying to get comfy and then all of a sudden random thoughts come into your head?

Yep I’ve been through that but what I’ve noticed us there are a lot of common questions such as:
“Do I want to be here?”
“Who likes me?”
“Does anyone want to be my friend?”
“Will I be good enough for anyone?”
“Why am I alone?”
“Am I good enough?”
“Am I strong enough to fight this?”
These are just examples by my god does the list go on….

A few things that I can actually answer are…YES you are good enough you should NEVER feel like you ain’t nobody should feel that way.
NO you are not alone there is plenty of other people out there who will love to be able to give you advice like me for example.
YES you are strong enough to fight this everyone is strong they just have different ways of coping with things and may have a slower recovery period but in the end you will fight it.
And finally YES you do want to be here you have your whole life ahead of you it may not seem like it now but there is you could have a good career if ypu set your mind to it, you could have a good family of your own if you believe in yourself, you could own a house if you set yourself a goal and be determined to acheive it…but would you be able to do any of that when you arent here would you be able to see your family, friends, partners (if any) you have much more value just push it further up in your heart and believe it I believe in you and I know you can do this :* xx

love jade x


Regardless of what mental illness you have.
Regardless of what country your from.
Regardless of what name you have.
Regardless of what clothes you wear.
Regardless of that history is.
Regardless of what race you are.
Regardless of what gender you are.

love jade x

what is depression

it’s like walking down a long, dark corridor never knowing when the light will go on- Neil Lennon, on depression

depression is exactly like the quote just above this paragraph.

it’s like you’ve opened a door and looked to see if there’s a light switch to turn the light on to brighten it up but there is none, you continue walking down the corridor in nothing but darkness looking, searching, BEGGING for a way out, you try your hardest, your inner soul is screaming “HELP ME!!” but no-one can hear. You are trying to break your way out but nothing is working, your breaking falling wandering when you will find the light, wandering how to turn it on, how to make it work, you find several ways but none last.

but NEVER be afraid it will turn on, you will find it and you will keep it on, you are a fighter, never give up

How I stood up to depression

It wasnt exactly an easy fight and im still suffering from it from time to time the way I overcome it was actually telling my mum that I didnt want to live anymore she noticed I was so withdrawn from everything that she decided to call the NHS helpline just to get some advice the told her to take me to St Cadocs in order to talk to someone from then on I had a counsellor who I could turn to in order to tell them how I felt and what I wanted to do to myself she was really kind and helpful… there was a time where I got soo depressed I would run away from home in the middle of the night and police would have to come out and find me in the daytimes thats when I got sent to a day unit in which we would spend a day with other people suffering from mental health and disorders and we would all share our experiences and how we would over come it im okay now tho but still fighting

love jade x